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Hiding is not an option!

Hiding is not an option!

Hiding is not an option! Emotional distancing, alienation ... Psoriasis is a highly visible disease that affects about 2 percent of the population, and cannot pick between men and women. Struggling with lesions on the skin, people face difficulty, when other look at them due to the visible lesions.

What makes women more afraid of psoriasis?

After the research from America, the detection of the disease causes more serious spiritual crisis at the women, then the men. Due to the spectacular symptoms of the disease can be a block among the effected women and her loved ones. The physical separation is considered, an emotional separation by time it destroys the relationships with family and close friends. According to the study the not coverable spots cause the biggest emotional hurt at the women, those spots are not viewable can lead to psychological injury later. The psoriasis on the head and around the hair disturb women mostly, because it may create the appearance of undemanding. The surveyed doctors say about the research, that these feelings appear at men as well as women, but women are more likely to cry and freak-out even in the office, during their visits at the dermatologist. It was interesting what the surveyed doctors noticed, that not the seriousness of the disease overturning emotional intensity, but the visibility of the disease. In addition, psoriasis patients' partners often accept the disease, the intimate together will not disappear because of the healthy half, but because of the patients who rejects these occasions, they can not accept themselves.

Instead of cover, care about it

In today's fast-paced world the biggest platitudes becoming the soullessness, the superficiality and stolidity living area. Here, the sensitive man "grows" armor, and wears costume or mask. In psoriasis, many people labor under a delusion. The biggest disbelief is that it is infectious, and we cannot do anything about it. However, many external factors play a role in the development and severity of symptoms, which can be influenced. There is a chance to keep the symptoms at bay by lifestyle change and the right decisions regarding the care of the disease. Especially important in the case of skin diseases that our body can contact with good quality products, what contain active substances. The gradual improvement increases the self-confidence and the soul rejuvenation.
It is better the lasting improvement instead of the rapid: The conventional medicine prefers the steroid solutions which improvements can be shortly spectacular. But after leaving the steroid you can see setback, the immune system can produce stronger and stronger symptoms, due to the negative effects of the steroids, what weakens more and more our protector system. Without a holistic approach, you cannot control. First, next to the physical symptom management, psychological care is needed, as at almost all patients; the development of symptoms is associated with the psychological factors. On the other hand, the holistic approach also means that we do not only deal with problematic skin, but we care about the body with products containing specific active ingredients. Not enough the oily, it should be nutritious: The only fat creams help in softening the scales, but did not care the inflammation skin under the horny layer. In addition, the fats the body needs suitable ingredients extracted from natural active, what contribute to the skin nutrition, hydration; to calm, and to remove the unnecessary epidermal layers as well.

Hungarian quality that helps you live better quality live

The good news is that you can find in home (Hungary) locally produced quality domestic cosmetics for psoriatic skin. At the Dermatology Clinic of the University of Debrecen, DEOEC the research confirmed the effectiveness our products. The comparative study was partially placebo-controlled, double-blind parallel-label, with the mild to moderate plaque psoriasis patients. The research showed that by the Hungarian Psorioderm Laboratories Ltd. developed cosmetics can significantly relieve symptoms and reduce the frequency of the steroids needs for psoriasis patients. Thanks to its active-rich ingredients what can make the positive change during the daily care. The Psorioderm products are composed from carefully selected natural ingredients, they are fragrance-free, paraben-free, tar-free and all the other "negative" matter-free. Due to the herbal extracts, Dead Sea salts, natural plant oils, vitamins, and minerals our products help to nourish the skin properly, hydrate, soothe, and help to remove redundant skin tissues.

What does the dermatologist suggest?

It is satisfaction that Hungarian innovated products are available and they successfully take up the fight against the plaque psoriasis. The Psorioderm ® Product Line contains only natural products, and in 2012 and 2013, a professional jury honored them for Hungarian Quality Product Award! For plaques peeling, the Psorioderm ® products contain salicylic acid that is why it is not recommended for use under the age of 3. For babies and adults with sensitive skin, we suggest the salicylic acid-free Psorioderm Sensitive ® product line that with added jojoba and honey extracts make your skin soften! The Sensitive Psorioderm product line in 2013 won the Hungarian Quality Product Award! At the Derma-Art Dermatology Clinic, we recommend the Psorioderm Sensitive product line for sensitive skin, and for under three years of age. For children over three years old, and adults can already use the Psorioderm product line! In summary, we can say that although psoriasis cannot be cured, but with suitable individualized treatment, the skin disease can be maintained well that needs dermatologist care and the patient - physician good co-operation.

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